Does Every person Know The particular Appropriate Way For you to Make use of Condoms?

If you do not want to turn out to be parents then it is crucial to use condoms. It is even a lot more crucial to defend you and your spouse from sexually transmitted illnesses. We all are informed of these details and do use condoms for secure intercourse, but how a lot of of us know how to use a condom properly. Several individuals the two men and ladies really feel shy or ashamed to request about placing on a condom. They will use it incorrectly but in no way talk about it to friends because of to the fear being ridiculed by buddies. But we should be mindful of the correct way of putting on a condom normally it will be of no use.

Most of the individuals make blunders whilst placing on the condom. The male condoms are worn on the penis whilst feminine condoms are to be utilized in the vagina or rectum.

There are a few factors to keep in mind prior to employing a condom and although putting on the condom.

o Examine the expiry date of the condom you must not use condoms of expiry dates.

o Open the condom pack with care. Make certain you do not open it with your teeth or put a nail on it as it will hurt the condom.

o Do not place condoms in your pockets as they are to be put in a amazing area.

o Make certain you do not enter the penis in the vagina prior to placing on a condom.

Whilst putting on the condom you need to keep in mind the following factors.

o See as to which way the condom rolls and make certain that you are putting on it correctly.

o The condom should unroll effortlessly and simply from the rim to the outside.

o Place 콘돔 when the penis is erect.

o Although employing a latex condom by no means use oil primarily based lubrication as it weakens the latex.

o Always use water based mostly lubrication with latex condoms.

o Soon after the ejaculation eliminate the penis right away and the condom meticulously although the penis is even now erect.

o Do not use equally the male and the female condom jointly. The male condom could be pulled out or the female condom could be pushed in.

o See to it that no semen is spilled even though getting rid of the condom.

o Do not reuse a condom.

Although using a feminine condom you should hold the following points in mind.

o Examine the expiry day of the condom you ought to not use condoms of expiry dates.

o Open the condom pack with care. Make confident you do not open up it with your teeth or set a nail on it as it will injury the condom.

o Do no use the utilised condom again.

o The feminine condom is inserted in the vagina with the assist of a finger. The versatile inner can be squeezed in with the aid of the thumb or the middle finger.

o Insert the ring as far as achievable into the vagina.

o Make certain the outer ring of the condom continues to be exterior and is not pushed inside of in the course of the event.


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