Innovation Of Paper Bags Singapore Products

Development towards the modern day paper bags Singapore products

Margaret Knight, an employee at the Columbia Paper Bag Companywas a woman who had constantly been interested in dabbling around with devices. When she was about the age of 30, Margaret caught that her firm was attempting to make a machine that would make paper bags with flat bottoms.

The suggestion interested Margaret so much that she created a prototype in 6 months! When she obtained a working variation made of metal, it was 1868. The world obtained its very first automated paper bags with flat bottoms, and Margaret became a media sensation and feminist symbol. She created her own firm called the Eastern Paper Bag Business, and store proprietors around the globe lapped up her innovation.

Yet wait, her item was still a little varied from what we see today. Margaret’s bags were not collapsible, so they still had space for enhancement. Charles Stillwell, a mechanical engineer, created the idea of adding pleats to paper bags. They can currently be folded and easily stored. Stillwell called them “self-opening sacks”.

What types of bags are offered?

There are paper bags for each need out there. Here are just a few you might come across:


Open-mouth bags, but with a pinched base. These are used to store pastry shop products and various other food products.


Wolle’s style, these bags are level and mostly made use of to carry records and post.

Recycled bags

These are made of recycled material ranging from 40% to 100%. Perfect for the eco-friendly.

Why use paper bags?

Paper bags can be made use of for numerous points. Bags made from paper are an inexpensive, easy and are a lasting way to stash and supply various things– as long as they aren’t wet, or really heavy

How to measure a paper bag is easy: determine its height, breadth and depth (gusset)– multiply these with each other and you will obtain its volume.

Just how much can a paper bag hold relies on its dimensions. These useful bags come in all sorts of sizes from tiny ones measuring 200x300x100mm right approximately ones as large as sacks measuring 450x800x290mm.

How much mass can a paper bag hold depends once more on its size and on the strength of the paper made use of. Little bags made from 70gsm Kraft paper have a breaking pressure of 4kg, while the largest paper sacks constructed from 90gsm paper can carry ten times that, having a busting strain of 40kg.

In between lie the myriad dimensions of bags readily available, each able to take a mass of 40kg or less. To see the full range of available sizes and their relative sturdiness, have a look at this chart.


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