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The English colonial government just financed a couple of schools. The policy of the us government was to offer offer to quest colleges rather than expand the system.UTME 2020: JAMB News Roundup For Monday, Jan. 20th, 2020 | Naija News

In the northern element of Nigeria, that was predominantly Muslim filled, Western-style training was prohibited. The religious leaders did not want the missionaries interfering with Islam. This offered solution to establishing Islamic school that targeted generally on the Islamic education.

Nowadays, adult literacy has been projected to be around 78 % for men and 64 per cent for women. These data were produced predicated on estimate literacy in English. That excludes the literacy in Arabic among northern Muslims. It is therefore not incorrect to contact Nigeria a state dominated with educated persons.

Just before Nigeria’s independence, Nigeria had just two established Post-secondary Institution. Yaba Larger school (founded in 1934, Today Yaba College of Technology) and the School of Ibadan was started in 1948. It was then a School of the College of London till two years after the liberty when she turned autonomous. More outstanding universities including School of Nigeria, Obafemi Awolowo School (formerly University of Ife), Ahmadu Bello College and Mohood Abiola Kashimawo School (formerly University of Lagos) were started in the decades that followed the Independence.

In 1970s more universities were created such as University of Benin (founded in 1970), and new school exposed in Calabar, Ilorin, Jos, Slot Harcourt, Sokoto and Maiduguri. In the 1980s, more universities were opened in addition to institute devoted to Agriculture and Technology. Numerous Polytechnics were also exposed, including the Yaba College of Technology in Lagos and Kaduna Polytechnics.

In 1980, the estimated enrollment in the primary schools was 12 million, Extra and complex schools 1.2 million, educators schools 240,000 and Universities 75,000. You might expect that with such an calculate, the Nigerian knowledge in Nigeria three years after would have greatly improved. However the opposite has been the case JAMB RUNZ.

Today’s decrease in the Nigerian training process could be followed back again to the 1980s and 1990s. Then there is a lack of qualified educators, the several competent teachers weren’t compensated in an appropriate manner. How many schools did not develop with the populace and most of the present schools were inadequately financed resulting in poor maintenance. In the Universities insufficient funding generated the lack of room and resources. Increase in tuition price often resulted in riots leading to termination of semesters. Professional measures by the University Staff seeking for larger salaries and greater functioning problems also compounded the situations. However, today governors in most state are addressing these issues.

The damage to the instructional program has been done. Many graduates lack the mandatory survival and cultural abilities that should have been learnt in schools. These have resulted in many disastrous conditions in the nation. The biggest market of the nation’s growth “the Knowledge system” no longer supports value; thus the whole nation is falling apart. Items of the Nigeria education system are not employable, causing enormous unemployment and under-development in the country. Number survival skills leading to increased poverty rate in the country.

Repeating: college no longer view saying as every student is offered to the next school if they understand or perhaps not gives room for falling standard. Attendance: The 75% of attendance globally accepted since the angles for anyone to sit for examination is no further observed. Late coming: Student which come late are no further tried, leading for their dropping morning classes. Misbehaviour: Students are no longer punished for misbehavior because of their parental influences (lost of careers or needless transfer). Cultism: This can refer to rituals, often below oath presenting the people to a standard course. They run covertly in fulfillment of these objectives to the detriment of other people. Therefore, preparing extra wants over primary needs.

Pursuit of paper qualification: Nigerians respect report qualification over performance in the fields. Hence, cognitive, effective and psychomotor domains are allowed to be measured on the field. Politicizing education: Value is no more considered because it is now ” who you understand” and perhaps not “everything you may deliver” Technocrats (educationists are not appointed Commissioner of knowledge and education board).


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