Typically the Success of: 7 Minor Angels (inside Graceful Rédigée)

A Short Engage in by: Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. H.c.

(The) Triumph of:

Seven Small Angels (In Poetic Prose)

(The enjoy is led by a musical prelude of: EL Condor Pasa, towards the finish of which the curtain is drawn, disclosing an Andean grotto, at the foot of a wooded hillside, in a vivid sunlit early morning. 7 minor angels are found sleeping. They are tossing about in their slumber and seem a tinge uneasy, perhaps not being able to get into the correct sleeping place, heads on best of wings, and legs on prime of shoulders, and small bodies crisscrossing each other. For the duration of the closing actions of the music, the very first little angel awakes, gradually and 50 % ascends.)

1st Small Angel


Who phone calls my title? Leave me snooze.

(Increasing-not getting in a position to go again to slumber)

What is it that wakes me so!

I know it is those imps that give me such dreadful dreams

I feel there may be some evening imps close to:

They can be a menace. My brothers and sisters stir, and mumble in their sleep, but what can be completed, we have been born angels, and lost or remaining someway in this outdated grotto awaiting for them to appear back and umpteen centuries, as a result significantly!

(The other small angels, who variety from six to ten, –but are of course considerably more mature as we now know-become far more restless in their snooze.)

Awake! Lest some imp occur and chunk you all on the toes!

2nd Small Angel

(Fifty percent lazily)

I was possessing a very good dream!

1st Tiny Angel

(Shaking every single one of the other six tiny angels eagerly)

Awake I say! An Imp I can scent an Imp nearby!

Second Tiny Angel

(Growing entirely)

Evenings are sure unusual. To be an angel and have to slumber and dream like individuals, and worry the imps technique, but we have to adhere with each other, save, jointly we are strong, alone, we are not.

First Little Angel

Oh, indeed, sure you are so right!

Other A few Angels

Oh, we concur!

1st Small Angel

It appears to me we ought to catch the imps by surprise this early morning, or wait around until finally the night time, and get ready to hogtie them to a tree or one thing, so they cannot at any time appear close to and bug us yet again!

2nd Small Angel

(Addressing the other tiny angels, who have now all arisen and are sitting up, wiping the owing from their eyes, and stretching entirely, and ready to hear anxiously to binding the small imp demons.)

Indeed in fact, well stated! What energy do we have, if we are not united? Whose grotto is like ours? Good and cozy, with no bugs, and specifically spiders, or rats, or of any other this sort of creatures. And people awful little imps, wake us up, or sit on our upper body when we are sleeping, and ship into our heads nightmares, and then escape. The small beasts. Oh brothers and our two sisters, enable us pray we can bind them, all three of them, with each other, until finally our elders uncover us.

Initial Tiny Angel

The Andes have read our cry, as has the heavens. That cry has run for three thousand a long time alongside the valley floors of this land, Peru. Yes, hundreds of years have occur and absent and listened to our prayers, our track, and much more might move ahead of our rescue, and only God understands why we are left listed here, and that will have to do for now.

A Quick Musical Measure of: El Condor Pasa

Initial Small Angel

Brothers and sisters, our souls are sturdy and smart, we are not like the imps, we are not like ghosts, as they are, as they are powerful together, we are stronger-I hope! Simply because we are 6, to their 3. So you see, we have no require to concern them, nevertheless I feeling we do. Though they do create a menace of the night time, and seem formless, and sneak about in the traitorous dark, like serpents. And of system this has been baffling, and at moments when they make them amusing sounds, it at instances drive me to the loony cave, but we have to just giggle about it, and we will tonight, with merriment, shake the joy of the imps playful sport of antagonizing us, once and for all!

Next Minor Angel

Let us Dance! For the winds make this sort of music in the valley under.

Let us dance for the joy of lifestyle God gave us, even even though we never know why we are whom we are, not human, but angels that need rest only, and cannot fly, by gosh, I wish our wings would develop a little bigger to carry our lumpy little bodies.

(The Small angels withdraw from the middle of the phase, permitting dancers to action in and do a cultural dance of the Andes, for numerous minutes, then all of a sudden, they too are interrupted by a wind that sweeps them absent, and the audio stops, adopted by the look of a big angel, referred to as “The Angel of the Winds”.)

Angel of the Winds

Who difficulties the small angels, he who does occur forth, you will have my tempest? This is a warning, they shall stand unscathed, lest you taste my fury! Ere, that will appear forth!

Second Tiny Angel

Small angels, dance your hearts out, do not heed the empty noises of the imps, you read what the angel of the winds has mentioned. Even though I’d have hoped he’d end their dreadful nonsense at night time, way too!

(The minor angels gaze in wonderment at the Angel of the Winds, and be reluctant, to say anything else.)

Very first Little Angel

Yes, let’s all dance:

We shall dance like heaven’s star dust, in winter winds!

(The Tiny angels resume their dance, at the edge of their grotto, toward the entrance, under the cave the Angel of the Winds can nevertheless be noticed, and three minor imps close by advance with threatening gestures.)

Angel of the Winds

Imps, heed these phrases, they are imminent insight:

Must you harm one feather on people little angels, I now announce your doom, and bid you bow to eternal imprisonment!

Second Small Angel

We want not dread small angels, a mighty Electrical power stands guard over us!

Angel of the Winds

I am the Power of this location, I guide the winds, and frozen peaks of the mountains, I have my property in the clouds, and when need be I then go forth to cleanse the location of people who would scourge God’s creation. I check out all residing items, and none have electrical power in excess of me. I can reach up substantial to the maximum peaks, and deep into grottos, and bend my way into the globe of the unseen, exactly where the imps cover. I am quicker than light-weight, and shout louder than any thunder, I have dreadful energy, and no dwelling point can problem me to the lands below the clouds.

Initial Tiny Angel

I know of you. I am leader of this grotto. And from this grotto have I striven to lead my brothers and sisters, we have not fallen into any shame.

Angel of the Winds

Your rescue will come, and must the imps problem you harmfully, their doom, I have sworn not a single feather shall they torn, ere, they shall flavor my wrath.

1st Small Angel

(Turing to the other minor angels.)

Brothers and sisters, draw near to me, that so we maintain collectively against these imps that are nightly boasting in our earlobes to punish us, and have grow to be unrestrained menaces.

(The team of small angels now obtain on their own before the Angel of the Winds, an angelic Power.)

Angel of the Winds

I tell you my small angels that you do not stand helpless in this war that has not yet begun! Go back to dreaming as you would like, I will view over you, oh minor types! You are of the angelic brotherhood. God has given us powers to use wisely, the imps have been shaken into the dark globe, they resent that, sacred walls have been well-manufactured peaks, for them not to cross, but ought to they dare, I will generate terror into their hearts: wrap the wind close to them like sheets of foam, I have prepared this evening for my war, with them, once and for all. Oh arrogant devilish imps, I have instructed them my power, and they greatest bow to this, or be sure. So my small brothers and sisters, sleep properly.

(The Angel of the Winds, moves-as wind is listened to-and the orchestra, or source of audio, is listened to, and the angel is observed elsewhere, close to the imps.)

Angel of the Winds

Oh Imps, I am the Angelic power of this location! Do not go back and seek more aid, you shall only carry your type into my fervent heat, and I have already ruined phantoms galore of your kind, of the pestilence you bring to mankind and desire to do this night to the minor angels. I shall be all set this night, I shall compel upon your brain, must you try out to resist me, the earth under your ft will sink, and you will be like lost leprous imps amongst your type, bound to the roots of trees.

One of the A few Imps

Nay, you boastful Energy, you are ever so noisy, we despise your terms.

Angel of the Winds

Vanish, Oh faithful brothers to the Darkish Angel with Ten Wings Lucifer!

(The Imps, now vanish, and the songs is read from the orchestra.)

Angel of the Winds

(Speaking out loud, as if to himself.)

My cloudy eyes search down on this valley, upon these minor un-resting angels, I am the angel of the winds. I shall leap if need to have be 1 tip of a mountain to another to locate individuals imps and smite them on the aspect, tougher than I strike a howling earthquake to crack its pressure, should they defy my command.

One particular of the Three Imps

(The Imps now reappear. And can be witnessed and read by the angelic Electrical power, even though a distance away. As nicely as the tiny angels by the grotto.)

Thunder will come from the Power’s breath, this sort of a danger!

I doubt he can consider on the all a few of us, he has braggart breath.

Angel of the Winds

Behold me imps. I am grasp of the Andes, the sierras are my granite throne, and the valley’s and pathways and grottos are my resting places. The mountains and the winds are my musical instrument. I elevate the spirit of audio unto the sky. You are pitiless, I shall tread you down, you scamps!

One of the 3 Imps

So much of audio, so tiny of attack, he employs sound for scorn. A declare is not a blow. We scorn just like you, angelic wind angel, and fear not your manic show.

Angel of the Winds

My allies, I want not any to deal with you three, although the Forebear, the electrical power prior to my time, has held you frightened of his energy, occur forward and meet me if you dare take a look at me!

(The Power, known as the Forebear, an historic Archangel, hears his title described, and appears, bearing a hefty chain.)

The Electricity Forebear

I have been absent for hundreds of years, my eyes have observed tiny given that. I practically forgot about the small angels, and the mountain imps. But I have nevertheless all required strength in my palms. Have you not forgot, little imps, in my time I broke the armies of kings, I smashed their swords and golf equipment, when they did not heed my word. Your brothers were there to look at, and I have put several of you into everlasting tombs, with the blessings of the Almighty. And with others I have thrown their ghostly ashes into the wind, and scattered there particles into the comic mist. The Angel of the Winds has been affected person with you. I shall not be so affected person.

Initial Tiny Angel

We know thee not, besides by legend, and deed.

Angel of the Winds

They are foolish are they not, aged friend, Forebear? I have acknowledged you well all these years, they absolutely will not war with us now! Why do you appear, Aged Buddy, I can deal with this, it is not essential for you be below, although I see your soul is like hearth, listening to these kinds of insinuations.

(The Angel of War, hears the term ‘war’ has been pointed out, and standing large on top of a close by mountain, fire seems in a burst of flame. He rushes down the mountain, bearing a flame torch in 1 hand a sword in the other. He has a helmet on, and a defend connected to his aspect, and the three imps, action apart as he crosses their paths, to be part of the Angel of the Winds, and the Forebear, now all gathered jointly.)

The Angel of War

I come, and I have an appetite to war with these bothersome types who wish to harm the small angels.

Angel of the Winds

Greetings, to each of you, you are equally changeless, and bring terror to the unwell-minded imps, and by evening they have introduced terror to our minor angels, behold the prey, they stand more than there.

The Angel of War

(All go up to be part of the minor angels, the Angel of War, the Angel of the Winds and the Electricity Forebear.)

I am indignant and furious, more than these untamable imps, I’ve know their fathers of yesteryear, they did not dare blend with me, I was cruel with them. deangeles need to have only roar and my flaming fireplace, its glare that will deliver them to tears, and they can not move to quench their thirst. And when I listened to their historical groans, I experienced laughter, and then on their launch, they fled into the fields, and crevasse. My sword has energy to cut via rock, or what ever hardness they hide guiding. And I have harnessed them, and like a whirlwind, tossed them midway throughout the Andes. I know I am quick to anger, like a tempest, what would you have be do, Angel of the Winds, for you have been presented complete command above this area?

(The orchestra or music starts listed here, as to the conflict which follows.)

All 3 Imps

We still defy all you angelic beings, and powers!

We 3 stand united, for we are not on your own.

Shall any angel resist the warring of the Angel with the 10 Wings?

For he is on his way!

Angel of the Winds

You raging and relentless imps, that hold the abyss, we have the heavens, whose voice the thunder is, that of Almighty God’s.

Your stubbornness will be your downfall, and he you have known as on, the eminence of the dark globe, the lost Archangel, who is named Lucifer, will not come, for Michael and Gabriel, with Uriel, all Archangels, and us three, will hurl him and shatter him, in the title of the Lord Most High.

(The a few turning to their allies, a single to the other, and looking at the 3 far more angels in the much length, standing by, probably shadows noticed driving a curtain.)

Do not leave, until finally all the imps are doomed, we no more time can enable them to be in close proximity to the little angels.

((The 3 angelic beings: Angel of the Winds, the Electricity Forebear, and the Angel of War, progress in direction of the imps and the imps make ready to repel the assault, armed with battleaxes. The stage is darkened as they hurry on the 3, and the conflict is represented mainly by the songs, which arrives thunder from the drums, and lightening from the gentle fixtures, and the howling of the wind, perhaps by loud enthusiasts. As the assault arrives to a shut, the stage steadily receives brighter, and the a few angelic beings are hunting down on the 3 imps, as have the little angels disappeared inside the grotto: the a few angels search to see exactly where the tiny angels are, and although they do so, the imps vanish. The tunes that accompanies the conflict now, merges into a victory singing group or chorus, or track of some sort: at which position the three small angels reappear.) (The victory song can be as follows… 🙂

Viceroy Track

We are angels of victory

Small and large-

We look up into the heavens

And dare to aspiration at God’s will!

We continue being obedient, stern and strong!

And now the night time belongs to us…

Unconquered in our region

O God of victory!

Search down on us.

We praise your energy,

Which you have presented us!

Cast from all these mountains

The dark lords of the night time!

We sing now high and content songs.

We stay, victorious and powerful.

Initial Tiny Angel

We have conquered!

We have conquered all of them!

We have withstood their onslaught, nor bowed to their will!

Who dare endeavor to corner us, evermore?

Probably now we can be part of in the Heavens, in our historical and rightful location?

We can desire, and will remain humbled in our Lord’s sight!

For like he as soon as tested Task, he has now analyzed us.

(The audio of Gabriel’s horn is listened to from driving the grotto. The a few angelic beings peer up at the tiny angels, gathered about the outside their grotto.)

Composed 15 and 16 of October, 2014) Concluded twelve:18 a.m.

Copyright © by Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. H.c.

Triumph of the 7 Minor Angels (a enjoy)

Inspired and committed by/and to: the Sisters of the Divine Trinity, and the Power that watched more than me in 1994

Throughout my recovery from heart surgical procedure (who stood at the back edge of my mattress for three times).


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